Get Congress on the Record

We’re tired of handing over billions of taxpayer dollars to big polluters — so we’re launching an open-source campaign to end fossil fuel subsidies. Use the tool below to contact Congress, and if you get information about where your Congressperson stands please click “Report Your Contact” link below to let us know how it went.

Total Calls Reported: 1400+!

Members of Congress on the Record:57

  • If your Congressperson has a Facebook page, you can use the tool below to visit it and hopefully post a message.
  • Here’s a sample message you can use — but we encourage you use your own words. “Does Representative/Senator________ support ending all taxpayer subsidies for oil, coal, and natural gas?”
  • Sometimes, you’ll need to first “Like” your Congressperson’s page before posting, and sometimes Congresspeople who are worried about unmoderated conversation on their wall won’t let you post at all.

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Things to know about your call:

  • If you press the “Call Now” button using the tool below, the call will be made through your computer. You’ll probably have to press the “allow” button to let the tool use your computer’s microphone, like this:

  • After you press the button, make sure you’re ready to talk, with you microphone on and your speakers turned up. You can also just make the call through your regular phone.
  • Your call will likely be answered by a junior staffer tasked with taking down your question.
  • Introduce yourself: the aide will probably ask for your email, phone number, mailing address, or zip code to verify that you are a constituent. Be sure to give them your info to ensure a response.

Sample Script
Feel free to draw from this script, but we encourage you to be yourself and use your own words.

Hi! I’m calling with a question about Representative/Senator ________’s position on energy subsidies. I’d like to know whether or not Representative/Senator________ supports ending all fossil fuel subsidies, for oil, coal, and natural gas which total $113 billion over the next decade.

Can you take down my question and ask Representative/Senator_______ where they stand on this issue? Thanks!